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Julia Mitchell is an online professional networker and a coach. Julia coaches and mentors like minded people to succeed in their chosen field and invites you to join with her.


Gavin Wilson

13. Mar, 2014

Hi thanks for your message i didnt understand what its all about, i have got some website but i dont know how to make money with them, i just keep paying and have no idea how to make them work. i am a old fart i failed a medical in the mining industry i got layed off because of that medical and now i cant get anymore work i go on a pension this month i turn 65 years i got kicked to the kerb because i failed that medical, im not ready to just give up so im trying to reinvent myself so thats why im trying to make money online im not rich im struggeling to keep a float i hope you can help bye for now your sincerely Gavin Wilson

Julia Mitchell

22. Mar, 2014

Hey Gavin thanks for your message. If you want to connect happy to do a coaching session for you. Just connect with me on facebook and leave a message

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