What is your purpose online?  What is your vision and reason?

Is it to make a lot of money?

Or is it to change lives?

Here’s what I find . . . most people WANT to change people’s lives (don’t you?) but in reality what is driving them is to make more money . . . to buy a car, pay off a debt, etc.

Maybe that’s you.

But here’s what I’ve discovered: when you are simply using the money as the goal . .. you spin your wheels. Think up ideas, put a lot of time and energy into them . . . and they just don’t pan out.

Is that you?

If so, here’s what I’ve found that works even BETTER for actually getting the money to come in:

It’s having an express purpose that is very specifically all about changing people’s lives in some way through YOUR web site, web business, web idea, etc.

You see, when you focus on changing lives, when your purpose is to help others or to change the way things are done in your niche, instead of monetary, you grow faster, get faster results, get more clients, and what ends up is you make MORE money.

And then your money goal is met.

It’s like when you try to make it happen, it doesn’t.

But when you focus on something else (strategically) THEN it happens.

Just like in other parts of your life.

What’s your purpose?

Is it time to change your purpose from money to people and the changes you want to make in their lives?


About the Author

Julia Mitchell is an online professional networker and a coach. Julia coaches and mentors like minded people to succeed in their chosen field and invites you to join with her.

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