The Value Of You!

Posted on 09. Jun, 2010 by Julia Mitchell in Encouragement

The Value of YOU!

One song can spark a moment;

One kiss can wake a dream;
One tree can start a forest;
One bird can herald spring;

One smile begins a friendship;
One touch can lift a soul;
One star can guide a ship at sea;
One word can frame the goal;

One vote can change a nation;
One sunbeam lights a room;
One candle wipes out darkness;
One laugh can conquer gloom;

One step can start a journey;
One word starts a prayer;
One hope can raise our spirits;
One thought can show you care;

One voice can speak with wisdom;
One heart can know whats true;
One life CAN make a difference;
You see – its up to you!

Yes … you CAN make a difference!
And that’s ALL of you!

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Julia Mitchell is an online professional networker and a coach. Julia coaches and mentors like minded people to succeed in their chosen field and invites you to join with her.

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