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Stop signs are there for a reason

Stop signs are there for a reason

Posted on 09. May, 2014 by Julia Mitchell.



It has been a long and arduous journey for me these last 6 months or so. I have been fortunate to have the love and support of my husband along the way.

For several months I have experienced stress, anxiety, panic attacks, tears, back pain, chest pain, migraines and depression.

Visits to the doctor and time off has helped but I knew deep inside it was time to stop what I was doing being my job. Obviously being a high income earner it takes a step of faith to resign especially when my husband’s income is irregular, so I continued to solider on and ignore the voice in my head.

After seeking counsel I realised for months I had been speaking out over my life that something would change in April this year and it was only after a conversation with a dear friend and her reminding me of this that I knew I had a choice.

I could continue down the path and potentially end up in hospital and a crazy loony house or leave. Ask anyone who is married “a Happy Wife is a Happy Life” so I handed in my resignation giving a months notice. This was not to take effect for another week but …

This week I experienced a mini breakdown at work, I could not function, was in tears constantly and after seeking more counsel it was decided best for me to leave immediately.

So just like that after giving a solid 2 1/2 years to one Company, selling $3 million in policies I left without even a thank you or goodbye. I was devastated to say the least, I had met and made some lovely friends and would have liked to at least say farewell. Not to be at the end of the day maybe I was proud and thought I was someone but in reality I was just a number.

So I’ve had a few days and will have more to come on reflecting, sleeping, walks on the beach and praying for direction. I already have some ideas but are not rushing into anything.

The photo above I took on my walk and it reminded me that I did actually hear the still voice say leave many months ago but never took time to be still and actually really listen and ask.

So this is my journey and I thank you for being with me on it.

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Quick And Easy Ways To Feel Happier

Quick And Easy Ways To Feel Happier

Posted on 18. Mar, 2014 by Julia Mitchell.

It is a choice as with anything in life as to whether we be happy or whether we allow the situations around us  dictate our moods.

I know as I work in a very stressful environment dealing with people 8 hours straight a day and I have had to learn how NOT to allow these people rob me of my joy.

I’m sure you have experienced days where you wake up in a bad mood and from then on in you have a bad day.  You know that if you don’t change your attitude it will carry through into all areas of your life.

Achieving a better state of mind is going to make a difference to the outcome of your day.  So much power is given over to us.  It is our decision our choice and I know it can be difficult but it is worth taking action and changing your mindset.

Our emotional dumps can spiral us downward and we then forget how good it feels to be happy.  Here are a couple of steps that you can implement that may help you.  Let me know.

1. Go for a walk.

I know you are at work but you are entitled to a break.  Get up out of your seat and go for a walk, doesn’t have to be a power walk just get out and get some fresh air.

Walking is a great form of exercise and I find a walk along the beach to be one of the most calming walks for me.

Find your place to go whether it’s in a natural environment with plants and birds or by the beach.  Take a moment then to notice the colours, the sky, the water the greenery, listen to the sounds of the birds, the ocean, the animals.  Feel the sunlight shining and allow it to brighten up your soul and spirit.  Breath deeply, shake it off and smile.

2. Listen to quality music.

I found a great site the other day that you can play whilst working at home, check it out.  Music, it can life your spirits instantly.  Think of a song right now that makes you happy and notice how different you feel as you hum along.  Create yourself a cd or download music onto your ipod that you love and makes you happy.   When you feel yourself spiralling downwards put on some music and enjoy.

3. Be creative, discover something new and different.

Create a bucket list, write it up, add some pictures and begin to take action to achieve these things.  Be creative take up something different like an art class, cooking class or scrapbooking.  Visit the local library and get a great book to read.  Books are wonderful and so full of knowledge, wisdom and ideas.  Make a date with yourself on a monthly basis to do something different and share the experience with others.


4. Have a good laugh

Laughter triggers a lot of healthy physical changes in the human body. It helps the pituitary gland release its own pain-suppressing opiates.

When was the last time you threw back your head and roared out loud? When was the last time you threw back your head and roared out loud?

The ability to enjoy and laugh frequently is a tremendous resource for good living, enhancing relationships, and supporting both physical and emotional health.

Go to youtube and search for funny videos that will get you started.

5. Simple breathing meditation.

Your breath is a powerful and simple way to anchor yourself in the present moment. Whenever you are having a hard time staying in the now, take deep breaths, and focus on your breathing.  This is something you can do anywhere at anytime.  Take time out to close your eyes and breath deeply in and out.  That’s all there is to it. Do this for 10-15 minutes. Notice how pleasantly surprised you can be at how you feel afterward.

6. Doodling for the fun of it.

Most people can remember when they were young and used to doodle for hours. Kids love drawing silly little pictures. Drawing is not just for kids or artists. Whoever you are get some pens, pencils, crayons or whatever you have and just draw for the fun of it. Notice how your state of mind shifts.

7. Think of others less fortunate.

Thinking of others helps us to humble ourselves and see our situation in a different way.  Do a good deed and offer a helping hand to someone who is less fortunate than yourself.

Doing good deed and helping others who are less fortunate is not only a good way to make your soul feel giddy, but also a way to have karma bless you with the opportunity to find you. Meeting other people whose lives are vastly different from your own can help you see the world from a new perspective and open your eyes to how fortunate you really are.

Do some research and find a cause that is close to your heart and begin to support them in whatever capacity you can.  I helped create http://encouragementfoundation.org/ .

These are all pretty simple. There’s nothing profound or life changing, but when all you need is a quick pick me up these may be just the thing you need.  So what are you waiting for?  Love to hear what you have done and if it has helped you out.



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