There are many ways to sell. You can lie to the customer,
you can persuade the customer, you can wear the customer
down. You can even trick them. But only briefly, and
typically, only once.

We have all been the victim of high pressure sales tactics
at one time or another. We have all made a purchase that
disappointed us, and we all remember those times. We
remember, and we don’t go back.

You cannot build a sustainable business simply on sales. Of
course, sales are important, but in the long run it is not
sales, but service that creates sustainable profits. If
your product SERVES the customer, they will return. If your
goods and services make the customer’s life easier, richer,
better, more productive, healthier or happier, your fortune
is assured. Fail to serve, and in the long run you will
simply fail.

Many people have observed that your business, your fortune,
your reputation and ultimately your success are all based
on your ability to serve others. The more people you serve,
and the better you serve them, the more you make. As Zig
Ziglar famously observed, “You can have anything you want
in life, by helping enough other people to get what they
want in life.”

We often focus on marketing and talk about the “reach’ of
our advertising or our market “penetration” and all of that
is good and right. In order to serve others, you must first
let them know you exist.

But never confuse marketing and advertising and one-time
sales with the ultimate requirement that your business
SERVE the customer. In the end, your ads may be cute or
memorable, your marketing may be impressive, but only
SERVICE really counts.

About the Author

Julia Mitchell is an online professional networker and a coach. Julia coaches and mentors like minded people to succeed in their chosen field and invites you to join with her.

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