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Posted on 15. Jun, 2010 by Julia Mitchell in Encouragement

Our values are a critical ingredient in the ‘culture’ we adopt and ‘culture’ either propels us towards our goals or hinders us in reaching those goals. By ‘culture’ I am not referring to your nationality or the national ‘culture’ you were born into or grew up with, but rather the ‘culture’ you have adopted in life.

Culture is the word we use to describe the behaviour, beliefs, values and world view of an identifiable group of people … as we join that group or identify with them, their culture moulds our lifestyle. For example, if I was to join a street gang I would quickly be behaving, thinking, speaking, etc, like them … I would adopt their belief system and their view of the world.

All of these become established in our life as a consequence of the IDENTITY we adopt.

In an organization, if the leadership does not proactively establish a desired ‘culture’ for that organization, the culture will develop out of the combined culture’s and mindsets of the individuals who make up that organization.

What is true for an organisation is also true for us as individuals, if we do not think about and proactively establish the ‘culture’ of our life, that ‘culture’ (Behaviour, Beliefs, Values and World view) will be established for us by other people, our environment, our past experiences, etc.

Culture reproduces after its own kind … automatically … works for you or against you … we MUST create the right culture in order to fulfil our objectives … it is something we must DO … be proactive about.

I remember some years ago hearing Pastor Steve Penny speaking about ‘Kingdom Culture’ from the perspective of the culture of a local church. It was a very insightful teaching, the main points of which I am including here. It is not only a great example of the kind of culture a local church should have but also is a great guide as to the kind of personal ‘culture’ any serious Christian should adopt … after all, a local church is only the sum of all the individuals that make up the congregation.

Matthew 25:21 – ‘Well done, good and faithful servant …’

Five Words Defining Kingdom Culture … If we want to receive this commendation from the Father, we must live up to it now.

‘Well’ … This is EXCELLENCE by choice

This is making the commitment to … choose the way of EXCELLENCE in everything

‘Done’ … This is doing WHATEVER it takes to get the job done.

This is making the commitment to … PERSEVERE and do whatever it takes

‘Good’ … This deals with our HEARTS

This is making the commitment to … maintain a GOOD heart and a positive ATTITUDE

‘Faithful’ … This is about enduring in FAITH

This is making the commitment to … endure in FAITH and COURAGE

‘Servant’ … This is about the fact that we are called to SERVE the Kingdom of God

This is making the commitment to … SERVE the purposes of God

In church life we have many people who identify with a Christian value system in general … who identify with a Christian community in general, BUT who never fully identify with the description of victorious Christian living that the Bible describes … they lack the discipline and motivation to make the changes necessary.

As an individual (business, church or any other sort of organisation), the values and culture we adopt will either drive us towards the fulfillment of our vision, or drive us away from that objective.

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