Trick to productivity is decide what you want to work on other then in the moment and then practice that high value work it over and over again until it is natural, habitual and becomes auto pilot and engages.

Direct and place your mind and direction on your breathe, notice how long you concentrate on that until your mind switches back onto autopilot and you are aware with the fairies.  We need to practice putting our body mind on autopilot directed to where we want to go.

1.  Focus on what you want to create not what you want to avoid.  We are twice as motivated to avoid something bad happening, by fear compared  to the motivation by our desires or our goals.  This is more of a challenge to overcome as we are unconsciously thinking about what we don’t want to do rather than what we do want to do.

We can’t get somewhere if you are avoiding where you don’t want to go.  You could end up anyway.

2.  Focus on what produces the most value not what produces the most busyness.

We confuse busyness and activity with results.  Busyness and activity are two different things.  If at the end of the day you spent all your time effort and energy on being busy you may be surprised to see you have no results.  Learn which activities create the results  and which ones don’t and focus on the ones creating the results and not the ones keeping you busy.

3.  Focus your time in chunks of 90 to 120 minutes minimum and don’t multitask

If you don’t focus on one thing for a chunk of time you won’t get the results or make much progress.  If you are muti tasking which I have to say I am doing at the moment you won’t get the desired results.

4.  Focus on what will work in the future not what worked in the past

We don’t live in the time anymore where you can learn a job and just do that over and over again for 10, 20,30  40 years.  Things are constantly changing and evolving. Focus on producing value not just for now but for the future.  Greatest challenge is to manager ourselves and to do your new habit at the beginning of the day when you still have the willpower.

Focus on what will work in the future, not what worked in the past.

★ Steven Covey: “Time management is a misnomer, the challenge is to manage ourselves.”

★ It takes about 30 days to imprint a new habit, so it becomes automatic and natural – and you must overcome Habit Gravity and achieve Escape Velocity by practicing every day until it’s “in.”

★ Make big commitments personally, socially, in business and financially to get yourself into action, and to make sure you complete the important money-making projects in your business.

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