1943 Silver Penny - Made Out Of Steel, Coated With Zinc, To Save Copper For War Efforts At The TimeI always find it interesting watching and listening to people as they gather around a resource table at the end of some seminar or presentation. They come to ‘check out’ the Speakers resources. The question that seems to be uppermost in people’s minds is, “Is this CD, DVD, Book or training worth the asking price?”

While it’s a valid consideration, it reveals a flaw in peoples thinking. When it comes to personal education or development, the question is not, “Is this resource worth what they’re asking?” the real question is, “Am I worth this investment?”

It isn’t what the book costs; it’s what it will cost if you don’t read it.

How Much Are You Worth?

It has been well said, that to earn more, you have to learn more!

“A mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimensions.” - Oliver Wendell Holmes

If you are not happy with some area of your life … your finances …your marriage … your health and fitness … your relationships … your business, and you want that to improve, it means you either have to learn something you currently don’t know, or you have to apply something you do know but are not applying.

Wisdom is the application of knowledge … the world is full of educated derelicts … people who know all sorts of things but lack the wisdom to apply them in day to day life.

Achievers – whether in business, sports or the arts are committed to continual improvement. If you want to be more successful, you need to be committed to ongoing personal development and that means investing in yourself.

The real question is not can I afford that resource … is it worth it? But rather, What will it cost me NOT to invest in this resource? What am I missing out on today because I didn’t invest in my self-improvement yesterday?

“No one limits your growth but you. If you want to earn more, learn more. That means you’ll work harder for a while; that means you’ll work longer for a while. But you’ll be paid for your extra effort with enhanced earnings down the road.” —Tom Hopkins

How much have you invested in personal development over the last year … five years?

We ALWAYS have time and money for what is important to us.

I remember that recently while speaking at a seminar, I mentioned a personal development course that costs around two thousand dollars and seeing the shocked look on the faces of some people … the idea of investing that sort of money in their personal growth had never entered their mind … they thought they couldn’t afford it … it wasn’t worth it … reality is that often people are frustrated, living with unfulfilled dreams and just ‘hoping’ ‘something’ will work out BECAUSE they don’t invest in themselves.

In the light of the rest of your life, I would suggest that YOU are well worth the investment of two thousand dollars!

If you haven’t got that sort of money available right now, start with where you’re at. Start buying good books … read a good personal growth book every month … start attending some seminars that will help you grow in areas that you need to develop … go on, you’re worth it!

“If you want to be truly successful, invest in yourself to get the knowledge you need to find your unique factor. When you find it and focus on it and persevere, your success will blossom.” - Sydney Madwed

It is only an investment in personal growth that will help you identify your passion and purpose … you have to learn some things … you have to evaluate some things … you have to have some tools and processes to assist you do that.

I recently heard Dr Dave Martin refer to the two most important days in your life … the day you were born … and the day you discovered what you were born for! The journey to that discovery often takes people much longer than we would think … it is a journey of personal discovery … a journey of personal development … a journey of learning.

Because of family circumstances, I left school after only two years of secondary education. The majority of my learning has taken place after my formal education came to an end. I never got to College or University but I have devoured books, attended countless seminars and training events, went to ‘night-school’ for years, studied subjects by ‘correspondence’ (as it was in those days). We have invested thousands of dollars in personal development and learning.

We recently moved house and while I have a large office and book shelves in another room, I still had to give away seven large boxes of books … our church librarian thought it was Christmas! I have had to do that twice before … Why? Because we have an insatiable desire for learning and growth.

To be more effective and productive … to maximise our achievements we must invest in personal growth … How much are you worth?

“We have an innate desire to endlessly learn, grow and develop. We want to become more than what we already are. Once we yield to this inclination for continuous and never-ending improvement, we lead a life of endless accomplishments and satisfaction.” - Chuck Gallozzi

I have come to the conviction that spiritual growth on its own is not enough … we must grow holistically … in every area of life … we have too many Christians that can pray and prophesy and quote Scripture but who don’t do life well … don’t make good decisions … don’t look after their health and fitness … don’t build a stable asset base … always dreaming but never living in the dream … it is ALWAYS a matter of personal development … there is something we need to know … something we need to learn … some wisdom we need to gain.

Whenever you set out to improve your skills, change your behaviour, or better your family life or business, it will ALWAYS require an investment of money, time and effort.

So, How much are you worth?

Until next time …


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Julia Mitchell is an online professional networker and a coach. Julia coaches and mentors like minded people to succeed in their chosen field and invites you to join with her.

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