How Can You Soar With Eagles

You know that old saying if you want to soar with Eagles then don’t hang with turkeys?

It’s Time to Get Your Feet Off the Ground and start soaring.

If you are an eagle, it can be a challenge to soar high when you are spending your time with heavy-bodied turkeys who can hardly get off the ground.

Soon, your own flight muscles will atrophy.

When you do take flight, you will easily tire, your ability to navigate will be rusty, and your skills at reading the wind and soaring on them will diminish.

Additionally, your self-confidence will be shaken. You will start to identify more with turkeys than with eagles.

Can you identify with this?  Take a moment to really assess where you are and where you want to be.  If you want to soar high then you need to look at who you are hanging with.  Sometimes life gets so busy we don’t stop to have a look at where are influence is coming from.

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with being a turkey.  These people are happy and content with who they are and where they are headed.  They don’t need wings to fly, life is good.  We all need turkeys in our lives.

If you have aspirations to fly then you need to source out the people who will help you learn to do so.   You need to learn to stretch your  wings, take a fall or two but get back up again and see that it is possible because those you are now flying with have done it all before.

As you learn keep looking up to see who is soaring above you and continue to learn and you will soar higher as well.

To your success,

Julia :)



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