About Julia Mitchell

I am mum to 3 beautiful teenagers and wife to my best friend.  This is a photo taken of us November 2009 at The Grand Canyon.

I have this here as a reminder that all things are possible if you believe it and take action, have faith and never give up.

I am passionate about building a successful online networking business and helping others do exactly the same.

I am the youngest of 13 children and grew up in the suburb of Clayfield in Queensland, Australia.

Having the number 13 attached to your name could be seen as a negative, however I am blessed to be here and so are you.

I have traveled the world and Australia and met my husband in a small country town called Tamworth back in 1988. We married in 1992 and have three young adult children.

We certainly have had our ups and downs in life, but have believed in the vows that we took on our wedding day and make sure that we do all that we can to remain in a happy and safe marriage.

I  worked in the mlm industry for years as a scrapbooking director.  I loved being able to purchase product at a cost price, the opportunity of being able to introduce a couple of people and get that product for free, the people, the opportunity to set a goal, achieve it and be rewarded and recognized.

I helped to establish a not for profit Encouragement Foundation.  As I built the dreams of another, God begin to give me mine.  I learnt so much from this experience.

I then went onto work for a couple of internet marketing gurus and again learnt so much, and saw that people were making good money through the internet doing various things.  I learnt how to create websites on wordpress, how to generate leads online which lead to more customers, clients and sales.

I am currently helping Cathie and Brendon Clancy build their kids ministry business online as a volunteer and would love for you to check it out.  This is their latest cd Amazing.

For the last couple of years or more I have worked for Youi Insurance in a call center of now 900 people selling of all things insurance.  I had no idea I could even work in a call center as I hated talking on the phone so much but it is interesting what we can do if we are open to learn.


During my time at Youi I won up to 10 awards for various things, mainly top in sales along with other great things such as a weekend away, tickets to the State or Origin Grand Final plus more.  I earned over 6 figures in my 2nd year there and so just goes to show I have a bit of wisdom when it comes to selling.

I’ts May 2014 and it’s a new day.  I am going back to grass roots and first love and that is building a business online and helping others do the same.  I love to coach and teach and will be offering this as a service, along with products that I promote and make money from and how I do this with traffic.

So I welcome you to join with me, reach out to me on the various forms of social media or send me an email to meetjuliamitchell.com



Julia Mitchell