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Stop signs are there for a reason

Stop signs are there for a reason

Posted on 09. May, 2014 by Julia Mitchell.



It has been a long and arduous journey for me these last 6 months or so. I have been fortunate to have the love and support of my husband along the way.

For several months I have experienced stress, anxiety, panic attacks, tears, back pain, chest pain, migraines and depression.

Visits to the doctor and time off has helped but I knew deep inside it was time to stop what I was doing being my job. Obviously being a high income earner it takes a step of faith to resign especially when my husband’s income is irregular, so I continued to solider on and ignore the voice in my head.

After seeking counsel I realised for months I had been speaking out over my life that something would change in April this year and it was only after a conversation with a dear friend and her reminding me of this that I knew I had a choice.

I could continue down the path and potentially end up in hospital and a crazy loony house or leave. Ask anyone who is married “a Happy Wife is a Happy Life” so I handed in my resignation giving a months notice. This was not to take effect for another week but …

This week I experienced a mini breakdown at work, I could not function, was in tears constantly and after seeking more counsel it was decided best for me to leave immediately.

So just like that after giving a solid 2 1/2 years to one Company, selling $3 million in policies I left without even a thank you or goodbye. I was devastated to say the least, I had met and made some lovely friends and would have liked to at least say farewell. Not to be at the end of the day maybe I was proud and thought I was someone but in reality I was just a number.

So I’ve had a few days and will have more to come on reflecting, sleeping, walks on the beach and praying for direction. I already have some ideas but are not rushing into anything.

The photo above I took on my walk and it reminded me that I did actually hear the still voice say leave many months ago but never took time to be still and actually really listen and ask.

So this is my journey and I thank you for being with me on it.

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